Sefton Cohen

Chief Revenue Officer

Sefton Cohen is a sales executive that has launched, re-started, and scaled customer-focused organizations in the US and EMEA, in new or evolving markets, for enterprise and SaaS software companies. He helps make markets and delivers multimillion-dollar new revenue streams for startup and accelerated growth stage companies that has enabled rounds of funding from tier one Venture Capital and Private Equity firms and aided in successful exits.

Sefton consistently delivers triple digit growth through improved pipeline predictability, increased ACV, shortened sales cycle times, and vastly improved retention rates by gathering and empowering passionate and talented people, with an obsessive focus on continuous training, and by aligning organizations tooth to tail (marketing, inside/outside sales, partnerships, and services) around a key set of the customers’ critical business issues.

He is drawn to a steep learning curve with diverse people and new experiences and has situational fluency in supplier and credit risk management, financial services, life sciences, martech, omni-channel measurement and optimization of digital media, big data analytics, and enterprise compliance solutions empowering both line of business and technology buyers.

Mr. Cohen is an active alumnus of Columbia Business School, serving annually as a finalist judge for the Columbia Business School Lang Venture Competition, and as a mentor in the Columbia Business School Greenhouse Venture Program.

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