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RapidRatings Unveils HealthMark™ to Improve Financial Health Analysis of Private Companies

April 8, 2019

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RapidRatings, the leader in financial health analytics, today announced the release of HealthMark™, a new product delivering instant access to financial viability risk analysis for private companies. Revealed at the ISM Annual Conference in Houston, TX, HealthMark provides risk and procurement professionals with accurate and immediately accessible analysis of private companies to inform time-sensitive workflows and decisions.

HealthMark—presented as a 1-5 Risk Level Indicator—is an instant measure of financial strength for millions of private companies worldwide. Although current financial statements are requisite for a thorough analysis of critical or high-risk suppliers, HealthMark leverages insights from RapidRatings’ flagship Financial Health Rating (FHR®) to accurately predict risk levels when data is limited or not immediately available.

“Superior risk programs deliver value for an organization when the analysis is both deep and extensive,” said Douglas Cameron, President and Co-Head of Product at RapidRatings. “But the accelerated pace of doing business can hinder a team’s ability to thoroughly evaluate and mitigate risk. With HealthMark, risk and procurement professionals no longer need to choose between immediacy and accuracy. HealthMark delivers comprehensive private company coverage instantly to support time-critical workflows and enable strategic business decisions.”

HealthMark makes it easier than ever to manage all business relationships, from strategic to transactional, on a single platform. A critical benefit of HealthMark is its seamless integration with RapidRatings’ market-leading FHR analysis. With HealthMark, businesses can:

  • Get an instant pulse on almost any private company in the world. The combination of speed and coverage gives risk managers more data than ever before to make better informed business decisions.
  • Prioritize time and attention on high risk and critical suppliers. Some suppliers require increased scrutiny. HealthMark’s instant signal identifies which third-party relationships pose greater risk and should be escalated to an FHR analysis.
  • Make informed decisions with confidence. Transparency into the factors that drive the HealthMark score enable risk managers to build confidence in the decision-making process and gain visibility into industry strengths and weakness, data availability, size, or other factors.

For more information about HealthMark, please visit our website.

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RapidRatings® is transforming the way the world’s leading companies manage enterprise and financial risk. RapidRatings provides the most sophisticated analysis of the financial health of public and private companies in the world. The company’s analytics system provides predictive insights into third-party partners, suppliers, vendors, customers and securities issuers. Every business conversation becomes more productive, transparent and efficient with the RapidRatings’ Financial Health System. For more information, visit


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